Wanna Know How to Promote Your Event?

Be it a wedding, corporate function or fundraiser a photo booth can ensure you capture all the important and exciting memories created at your next event.


Corporate functions really stand to benefit by including a photo booth. Photos taken serve to show how active your business is, how successful your event was and can help attract future clients. The advantage of having a booth at your next function is that photos can be uploaded directly to social media or email live at the event via our SMS & Email upgrade. You can add the event hashtag and the event details to every post automatically, this is an invaluable tool for promoting your brand and event.

The social media station is configured prior to the event to include all of the event details, hashtags and any message or extra details you would like mandatorily included on every upload to Facebook, Twitter and E-mail. This saves you endless hours of editing and posting to social media in the days after the event. In such a competitive corporate climate brand exposure is vital for business success, and what better way to increase your exposure by including a booth with social media capabilities that can produce a live feed of the event festivities.

Our attendants are always there to help load photos, hashtags and event details directly to social media so you don’t have to worry about the details. What better way to run a marketing campaign than have your guests have a great time and spread the word themselves on social media.

Just like corporate functions, fundraising events can greatly benefit from the inclusion of a social media capable photo booth. An onsite booth means all the event guests have the opportunity to let their hair down, have some fun in the booth and share their photos while simultaneously promoting your brand and your event. The option to instantly upload images and hashtags to social media serves to increase foot traffic to your event, awareness of your brand and increase your fundraising potential.

From a fundraising perspective, you can raise further funds by charging attendee’s a nominal fee for each booth session with proceeds added to your fundraising balance. This is a perfect option if you have a stall at a fair or Royal Show style event.

When social media is coupled with our customised prints that can include your company logo, company colours and any unique written details, it really is one of the cheapest and most effective forms of contemporary marketing available.

Our Open Booth is extremely popular for these types of large events and is our recommendation as the best choice for a corporate event or fundraiser. The booth can comfortably fit 10 guests per photo or more if you can squish them in! Use of the Open Booth for these events means more fun for the guests, helps with minimising long queue’s and keeps the photo booth uploading and promoting your brand & event without you having to lift a finger.

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