Awesome Ways To Display Your Photobooth Prints

After an event with a photobooth, guests usually find they have managed to acquire quite a collection on prints. Here are some fantastic ways to display your prints and create the perfect keepsake!

Frame them!

Glue your prints against some white card cut to suit a larger frame.

This really can look quite dynamic and is super easy to do.

Our recommendation; Use a white frame on white card to really make it pop!


Have your favourite print made into a large photostrip block-mount!

This idea is super effective and looks great.

The hardest part is deciding on which print to choose!

Use your prints to line a display drawer!

This can look really cool mounted on a wall as a makeshift photo frame!


Stick them on your fridge!

This obvious but effective idea is a great way to have a constant reminder of a recent special event!

Just A Few Fun Ideas To Remember The Next Time You Get Caught In A Photobooth!

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