What time will you setup on the day?

We require a one hour window for setup before the booth is scheduled to begin operating.

The booth will always be set up and ready to go by the time you’ve scheduled the booth to operate on your booking form.

Where possible we will do our best to have the booth set up before the event starts, even if the booth open later, and avoid setting up during the event, however, this is not guaranteed and is not always possible.

Set up prior to the event start will depend on the if the venue will allow us earlier access, the distance to the venue and our other bookings scheduled for the same day.

How many people can fit in each booth?

The Enclosed Booth can fit from 2-4 people at one time while our Open, Freestanding, Mirror and Vintage Booths can fit 10 or more people in each shot.

We’ve had up to 17 people in our Open booth, think you can beat the record?

Do you provide an Attendant?

Yes one of our friendly attendants will be there to make sure everything runs smoothly and the guests get the most out of the booth. With the exception of any ‘Social Booth’ bookings, we don’t provide an attendant with this booth as it’s not required and runs completely on autopilot.

Do you require power?

Yes, we require a power outlet in close proximity to the booth, within 3 metres.

Does the booth have the ability to upload to social media?

Yes, you can with our Social Media Addon, this is included as standard with our Eclipse Package or Mirror Booth. The Social Media feature can be added to any other package for $99.

Our ‘Social Booth’ also includes social media uploading as standard.

Is delivery and setup included in the price?

Yes, all of our bookings include Free delivery up to 30km’s form the Perth CBD, setup and pack down in the price.


Distances further than 30km’s are subject to quote.

Can we include our written details and design on the prints?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to include any written details, colour scheme, logo or design you like on the prints.

We also have a range of templates that can be customised to suit your event’s theme and written details. These can be viewed via the link on the top menu bar.

How many copies do your booths print?

If you decide to go with the 2×6 strip style prints our booths print two copies with each use. If you decide to go with the larger 4×6 postcard size print, our booths print a single copy with each use.

Your guests will have unlimited use of the booth during the hire period, so they will get lots and lots of prints. You will also receive a digital copy of all images taken by the booth via email after your event.

Will you organise setup time and access with our venue or do we need to do that?

We will get in touch with your venue, if they have a contact number, to determine the best setup time and access to make sure the booth is ready to roll on time. If we are unable to get in touch with your venue, you will need to provide us with setup times and any other venue details.

Can the booth go upstairs?

Our booths are extremely portable We would just need to know the configuration and number of stairs at your venue in advance to accommodate staff requirements and to be certain we can get the booth up without a problem.

What are the space requirements for each booth?

Our Vintage Booth will need 2.5m x 2.5m if floor space.

Our Open, Mirror and Freestanding Booth’s require 2m x 2m of floor space.

Our Enclosed Booth will need 1.2m x 1m of space.

Our Social Booth requires 2m x 2m of floor space.

How and when do I receive the digital copy of the photobooth photos?

You will receive a link via email to download the images, from the link you can also view and share your images with friends. Please allow up to 10 days after your event for us to process and upload your photos.

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