1. What if my venue has stairs?

Our booths are extremely portable and easy to set up. We would just need to know the configuration and number of stairs at your venue in advance to accommodate staff requirements.

2. How many people can you fit in your booths?

The Enclosed Booth can fit from 2-4 people at one time while our Open and Freestanding and Vintage Booths can fit up to 10 people in each shot. We’ve had up to 17 people in our Open booth, think you can beat the record?

3. Do you provide an Attendant?

Yes one of our friendly attendants will be there to make sure everything runs smoothly and the guests get the most out of the booth.

4. How many photos can we print at our event?

You and your guests will be able to enjoy unlimited prints during the hire period, if you require an extra print of the last session just ask our Attendant to print an extra copy for you.

5. Do you require a power outlet close by?

Yes we do require a power outlet in close proximity to the booth, ideally within 2 metres.

6. Does the booth have social media capabilities?

Yes you can with our social media station that is available as an optional extra or included in the Eclipse Package.

7. What are the delivery costs for suburbs outside the metro area?

Delivery is free to area’s with 30km of the Perth CBD, outside areas are subject to quote.

Do you have another question? Contact us below or at: Jordan@kissandtellphotobooths.com.au or call 0435 443 424

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