Meet the Crew

``The staff were professional and helpful and everyone enjoyed themselves, there was a queue for the booth for most of the night!`` - Melissa Suckley

Jordan MacKintosh

Hey there! I’m Jordan, Kiss and Tell’s owner-operator and I have a little more passion for photobooths than is probably healthy! My goal with Kiss and Tell is to overdeliver value to our customers and ensure that their experience is one that is easy, stress-free, and immensely fun!

When I’m not polishing photobooths or designing photo-strip prints, I’m obsessing over all the details of each of our client’s events. From liaising with venue’s to work out the best, most non-intrusive setup time, to brainstorming ideas for how we can innovate and expand our service, I live and breath photobooths and for the smile on our customer’s faces at their event.


Tanya Brown

Tanya is the backbone of Kiss and Tell Photobooths, she’s our co-owner and she is the most versatile person on our team. Tanya can and does do it all, she schedules events, she’s an invoice, accounting and email wiz, she’s a photobooth attendant extraordinaire and she has the eye for style that oversees everything creative that we do.


Aaron Woroglian

Aaron’s been Kiss and Tell’s setup extraordinaire for a little over 3 years and he can manoeuvre a photobooth through the tightest doorways and halls known to man.

Aaron speciality? Nailing the perfect camera exposure, focus and lighting. It can’t be overstated how important this element is, one overlooked by many of our rivals and Aaron’s got it down.


Matt Goodall

Matt’s one of our photobooth super-attendants and he’s been known to get dragged into the booth by some excited guests on more than one occasion!

Matt’s primary objective? Getting as many people as possible to have an absolute blast in the booth!