Our Booths

Feast your eyes on our collection of photobooths & experiences. Our booths are designed for ease of use and maximum social media exposure, delivering quality entertainment and content that lives long after the end of your event.

Lumina Pro Photobooths

Check out out brand new Lumina Pro Booths. Available in Black or White.

Selfie Booth

The most social media savvy booth available today, the Selfie Booth can do it all.

360 Video Booth

The most amazing photo experience for events. Create branded 360 Video that has the highest share and social media reach of any product on the market.

Retro Booth

The Retro Booth is the perfect photobooth choice for any event with a bit of rustic charm.

Social Booth

Need a photobooth all night and don’t need printing or an Attendant? Our Social Booth is the perfect choice.

Mirror Booth

Meet our magic mirror photobooth technology. Prepare to impress your guests.

Enclosed Booth

Looking for a more traditional photobooth experience that’s designed to impress? The Enclosed Booth is for you.

Standalone Backdrop Hire

If you just need a backdrop for your event, this is the place for you.


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