Selfie Bot

An immersive event experience with cutting-edge AI-driven video technology.

Meet Selfie Bot – your event’s spotlight-stealing, AI-powered companion!

Selfie Bot is the world’s first robotic photo and video experience! Selfie Bot roams around, capturing engaging videos, photos, and animations, and creates immersive experiences for your event’s attendees. Selfie bot can even instantly print your guests photos on the spot.

With cool features like AI face swaps, augmented reality, and customisable video effects, Selfie Bot transforms guests into sports stars or rock legends without them lifting a finger.. It collects data on-the-fly, including emails and social media metrics, to boost your marketing insights, brand social reach and ROI.

Everything is customisable, from a branded live micro-website that hosts captured event media, to live streams on big venue screens. Plus, Selfie Bot itself can sport your brand’s look from top to bottom.

Perfect for large events where brand visibility is key, Selfie Bot is all about creating memorable engagements.

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Go with the Flow!

No need to worry about optimal placement – The AI Bot effortlessly navigates to the perfect spot exactly where, and when, it’s needed!
With intuitive prompts guiding guests, no-one will escape the fun as our interface guarantees a smooth and enjoyable process, capturing every moment effortlessly.

Snap & Send

With a simple tap, guests snap high-quality photos, and the magic continues as Selfiebot swiftly emails or texts these memories to their smartphones.

Selfie Bot can also collect guest’s details, providing an ideal resource for future marketing endeavours.

Instant Prints

Keep the good times rolling and effortlessly capture memories. Selfiebot is ready to print photos for your guests, adding an awesome little souvenir to the experience.

The prints can be branded or personalised to suit your event! Great for corporate marketing functions and Weddings!

Selfie Bot Party

Studio Lighting & Simple Interface

Studio-grade lighting and advanced camera equipment ensure every shot captures your moments with unparalleled clarity and brilliance.


“The Selfie Bot truly made our engagement party unforgettable”

Emily & James

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