360 Booth

The Ultimate Entertainment Experience

What is the 360 Booth?

The 360 Booth is the most on trend photo experience for modern events, it captures incredible 360 degree video content that is seductively engaging.  All captured content is immediately shareable to social media and pushes maximum social engagement & reach in real time for your brand, and for your event.

The 360 Booth doesn’t just take 360 degree videos, it creates a dynamic piece of content. Each capture is synchronised to your choice of music, includes your branded graphic overlay, includes slow motion, slo mo rewind and other mind blowing video effects.

This is a next level experience, not a normal photo booth. It’s a very premium offering that will set your event miles apart from any other and help promote your brand & event into the reaches of social media.

360 Video Booth With Lights

How it works

360 Booth captures your event guests in full 360 degree video and allows them to instantly share their captures on social media and send to their smart device via SMS or email via the included sharing station.

We also host an online gallery, available live at your event and post event, that’s specifically branded and styled to your theme for your guests to view and share their 360 videos.

1.Step onto the 360 Booth’s platform and strike a pose or bust your best dance moves.

2. The 360 booth’s camera is mounted on a spinning arm that quickly rotates around the platform to capture stunning 360 video, fully branded and synchronised with your chosen soundtrack.

SMS your 360 booth video

3. Guests send a link to their 360 branded video from our sharing station directly to their smart phones to share on social media.

360 Photo Booth Gallery

4. Guests can view and share their captures from the live completely branded micro-site. Perfect for creating brand awareness and brand exposure.

Choose from 3 setup options


Let guests see all the 360 video action that’s going on. The perfect option for attracting maximum attention to the 360 Booth.

Branded Half Enclosure

This option includes a curved half enclosure so guests can still see all the fun that’s taking place. The curved enclosure features a custom design perfectly suited to your event’s branding.

Branded Full Enclosure

Includes a completely branded full enclosure to maximise brand exposure. The enclosure features a custom design perfectly tailored to your events styling, theme and branding.

360 booth without Enclosure
360 booth with Half-Enclosure.psd
360 Booth Full Enclosure


・360 Video Booth Platform

・6 LED Light Stands

・Operator Station・Social Share Station


・360 Video Booth Platform

・6 LED Light Stands

・Operator Station・ Social Share Station

・Custom Branded Curved Half Enclosure


・360 Video Booth Platform

・6 LED Light Stands

・Operator Station・Social Share Station

・Custom Branded Full Circular Enclosure

Social Reach, Data Capture & Branding

Custom Branded Full Enclosure. Our enclosures can be completely branded & styled to exactly suit your event and brand image. We work with you to get it designed just how you want it for maximum impact at your event and via social media.

Sharing Station Custom Options

Every digital component of the experience can be customised and branded to your taste. This includes the Graphic Video Overlay, Live Gallery, Share Station, and the design of the SMS & Emails your guest will receive.

Every time a guest uses the 360 booth and shares or sends their video to SMS & Email our software tracks and captures this information to give you real time reports and insights into the reach and social interaction with the content produced at your event.

You will have access to a complete database with contact details of 360 Booth users for post event marketing, perfect for maximising your event’s return on investment.

Have a question about the 360 Booth? Let us know.