Enclosed Booth

Traditional Feel. Modern Style.

Enclosed Booth Advantages

The Enclosed booth really takes advantage of that traditional nostalgic photobooth style but with the benefit of a digital touch screen, instant prints, and additional sharing upgrades.

The Enclosed booth fits up to 3 people in each shot.

Did someone say closeup selfies?

There’s no hiding in our Enclosed Booth. It shoots each image from the shoulders up, so every smirk and giggle is caught in full focus.

Space is No Problem

We’ve yet to find a venue that couldn’t fit our Enclosed Booth. When space is an issue, the Enclosed Booth tucks nicely into any corner.

Enclosed Photo Booth

Here’s a few shots from the Enclosed Booth

The Enclosed Booth captures Photo, Boomerang and GIF images.

Need more info on our Enclosed Booth? Let us know.