Social Booth

Photos. Boomerang. GIF. SMS + Email.

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How Does it Work?

When your guests stand in front of our Social Booth they are presented with 3 options on the booth’s touch screen. Photos, GIF and Boomerang.


Allows your guests to take a series of regular photobooth photos. The Booth starts a 5-second countdown on its touchscreen and your guests can see themselves posing in the screen’s live view.


Asks your guests to take 4 photos, these images are combined at the end of the session into a GIF animation.


The Social Booth prompts your guests to take instagram style looping video animation. It shoots a short 1-second video that’s looped playing forward and in reverse.

Tessa's 21st Social Photo Booth

The Social Booth doesn’t require an attendant to operate, it runs on autopilot.

Our team will arrive at your venue to set up the booth along with a backdrop of your choice.

We’ll give you a quick rundown on how to use the booth.

The Social Booth doesn’t print physical copies of the photos like a traditional photobooth, but that’s the whole idea, it’s all about social media and email.

Guests can SMS or Email a copy of their photos or animation to themselves. They can then upload or share their photos to social media from the online gallery link they will receive on their smartphone or computer.

After your event, you’ll receive a link to all of the photos taken by the booth via email.

All of this happens in seconds live from the booth’s touch screen.

*Please note: We don’t provide props or an attendant, as one is not needed, with the Social Booth package.

Here’s a few captures from the Social Booth

Social Booth Photo




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