Avoid these mistakes at Your Next Work Party

A successful Corporate Function hangs around the likes of amazing speakers, an impressive venue, and the attendance.

How a guest gets service and how they are treated and looked after creates the kind of experience that will keep guests talking about your brand or product long after the night is over. When guests receive an exceptional level of hospitality it leaves them feeling special and the word will get around.

After you have a list full of RSVP’s, speakers and an amazing venue – This is the moment you need to think about the hosting style. If it is your first time planning an event, we’ll cut you the slack by providing simple dos and don’ts. Most Corporate Events might seem stressful and overwhelming with all the details but a bit of simple planning will ensure it goes off without a hitch. Consider the following list of do’s and don’ts for an awesome corporate event.


Keep your event’s objectives in check. Ensure that all the guests themselves are having a good time and are comfortable. At the same time ensure every step you take has a causal connection with the main purpose of the event. If you go off topic the guests might miss the whole idea, i.e. a product launch requires getting the guests to casually interact with each other about the product.
Make the guest feel more relaxed by engaging in conversations to create comfort, mingling with guests helps break the ice. Making introductions, and conversing with different people to facilitate networking at the event.
Prepare answers for the questions that the guests might ask in advance (FAQs). Your team of staff should be ready for the normal questions like the “Where are the washrooms?”, but they should be familiar with the event schedule and be prepared to show the guests their way around. Ensure that all basic questions have relevant answers before the event kicks off and your staff are familiar with the nights procedures. When everyone involved knows what they are supposed to do at every point the event will be a successful one, especially if the type of event hosted needs to run with a strict schedule.


Don’t run the whole event by yourself. It’s very difficult to handle everything associated with an event on your own. Outsource as much of the nights operations as possible while staying on budget. Attempting to run the show by yourself will be overwhelming and create unnecessary stress, not to mention you’ll miss out on all the fun!
Think about the small details, having extra phone chargers will come in handy!
Don’t forget to smile as you want your guests to see that you’re having a good time. Present a good image by having the time of your life at your event and to show your excitement about your product!
Don’t be too quick to choose the venue. It’s a crucial decision that needs proper research for you to settle on the best venue depending on the kind of event. A great venue makes all the difference with comfort, participation and the overall success for your event and product!

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