How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Photo Booth For A Party?

Nowadays a photo booth is a must have addition for those wanting their event to be remembered, and it’s the perfect solution when you are looking for a way to bring guests together and create a fun environment for all to enjoy. The question is – how much do they cost and how do all the features work? Also, what is a good price for a photo booth?

The aim of this article is to provide expert guidance that helps you figure out which photo booth deal is the best choice at its price point. So, before you choose a company to go with, make sure you consider our advice, and compare how much it is to hire a photo booth for your event.

What Is a Good Price for a Photo Booth?

Most photo booth companies offer different booth styles and packages, but don’t just check the price, find out what is included in the packages and be sure you understand the features of the package inclusions.

Many startup companies don’t have a thorough understanding of the many features of their photo booth software as photo booths aren’t their full time business. For example, it’s usually not a good deal if they only have one type of booth available, or if their booths only offer basic features rather than various possibilities that modern booths include.

Camera and flash knowledge is also required to really achieve professional looking images and this only comes with experience, as does the ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues on the fly.

Thankfully for us, we have the most photo booth knowledge in the local industry, we’ve been operating for over seven years in our home of Perth.

Common Prices For Photo Booth Packages:

  • Very basic packages: $500 – $600 is considered a fairly cheap price. With the lower prices, nearer to $400.
  • Mid-level packages: These can range from anything between $700 – $1000.
  • Premium packages: Premium packages are usually where you’ll receive the most value, they include the top booth with the top inclusions and customisation options.

Benefits of Choosing Kiss and Tell Photobooths

If you are looking for the best deal on a party photo booth, then Kiss & Tell Photobooths are the right choice. We are an experienced, local Perth company, with a passion for creating engaging experiences and helping clients to organise the best possible experience for themselves and their guests.

Not only will you have the choice of a range of incredible, modern photo booths included in our various photo booth packages, but you will be taken care of by a reliable, passionate and experienced team.

Our team are available to discuss the many customisable features you can make to ensure your photo booth experience will suit the theme and style of the occasion.

Our Packages:

Here at Kiss & Tell Photobooths our main priority is for our customers to have a successful event, creating lasting memories and building great relationships with our clients.

We have packages starting at $700 and they can be built out to include many upgrades to really customise the experience to your event’s theme and styling.

So, if you are after a high-quality photo booth from an established company you can trust for your next event, we have got you covered. To find out more about what we have on offer, feel free to contact our friendly, helpful team today.

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