We will arrive to discretely setup the booth 1 hour before the hire time starts, the booth will also be packed down upon conclusion of the hire time. Both setup and packdown are non-intrusive to the event proceedings.

Please note – Set up of the booth will occur during your event if the booth start time is later than the event start time.

If you would like the booth setup prior to the start of the event, but don’t require it to begin operating until later, you may like to include some ‘idle time’ with your booking. Idle time is $60 per hour, during this time the booth will not be operational.

Idle time is useful if you need us setup early, need the booth paused during speeches, or if you don’t want the booth to be packed down immediately after the hire period ends.

Please confirm in the additional notes when submitting your booking where you would like the idle time to start, and whether it is before, during, or after the rental time